Area Protetta della Puglia

Gargano National Park

Live the Park, Live in Freedom

The Gargano National Park is not only one of the widest protected areas in Italy but also one of the most varied.

From the Foresta Umbra to the beaches and the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea to the Tremiti Islands, more than 118 hectares of nature, that includes a total of 18 villages, with a unique habitat.

A Region to be discovered

A real heaven on earth: the Gargano National Park is rich in emotions and unique sensations, so varied that is always something new to feel them all.

« The Gargano promontory is the most varied mountain one can imagine. It includes the Foresta Umbra, with beeches and Turkey oaks that reach 50 meters in high and are old like Methuselah; firs, maples, yews; they are so luxuriant and colored one can think all the seasons were enchanted here at evening; there are also roe deers, hares, foxes and a lot of different birds... » Giuseppe Ungaretti

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