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We are proud to be the first choice for many business. Villa Florio, close to the coast and the Lesina Lake National Reserve, in a favorable position on the Gargano promontory, is the perfect location where to organize meeting and perfect congresses.

Crystal Room

You are welcome, our room is at your total disposal: Villa Florio can indeed host only one wedding a day.

Clear and diaphanous, like the biggest love. Silver gray curtains in a room that has been thought for receptions up to 200 Guests.

The Sala Cristalli turns every wedding in a fairy tale.

Every decoration is made in every detail to reflect the couple's taste.

With the Sala Smeraldo, it can be used to host receptions up to 350 Guests.

Emerald Room

Here one will live an exclusive wedding party.

Refined and elegant, the Emerald Room is the perfect expression of a unique and original wedding, and it can host up to 150 Guests.

From the decorations to the cooking, every element merges with the surrounding space in a perfect mix.

The Emerald Room and the Crystal Room can be joined to give life to receptions up to 350 Guests!

Ruby Room

Here one will live an exclusive wedding party.

Red is not only the colour of passion but also that one of the Ruby Room.

It is suitable to host receptions up to 100 Guests or just for a moment of the party.

Furthermore, it is suitable for birthdays and cosy ceremonies...

A fairy place

Garden of Dreams


Unique details

We pay a great attention to the Guests' needs and to details: this is the reason why Villa Florio is the perfect location for every special event.

A Unique Style for your Wedding